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VuHaus: Public Radio Stations Launch Music Discovery, Streaming App

Starting a streaming service in 2014-2015 is the new trendy thing to do it would appear. However, most companies that set to create a new app or technology that will revolutionize the music business start with their technology and platform and then work to secure the content. This has left others like TIDAL in trouble who have the infrastructure in place, but are still securing the content through various deals. A new service was launched today titled VuHaus by the most unlikely of candidates, public radio stations all across the United States. Unlike its counterparts, it starts with the content that comes daily from its radio affiliates all over the country and has built out the technology from there.

What makes the public radio stations such a good platform to use for a video discovery streaming service like VuHaus is that they are considered to be excellent curators of new and quality music.

"VuHaus' member radio stations have established a stunning track record for being crossover-hit makers and a launching pad for new artists," said VuHaus Program Director Mark Abuzzahab in a statement. "Artists have made their studios the first stop when they are on tour or want to debut new music, and the result is the type of mesmerizing performances you'd never experience at a concert hall, music festival or on TV."

Among those who will be curating content for VuHaus include KCRW (Los Angeles), KEXP (Seattle), and WFUV (New York). The network will grow in the coming months and this could accelerate depending on the success of the site. The site is not just a video library, it also has playlists for various artists, spotlights on various locals if you want to see who has played in your area and a specific artist of the week.

"Non-commercial radio stations like KCRW have been uncovering the best new artists and music for decades," said Jennifer Ferro, President of KCRW. "We're thrilled to join with VuHaus and like-minded stations across the country to bring our musical treasures to a wider national audience."

Will this service ever become a major player in the streaming space? Probably not, but it is a great way to access all of the various video content created by these sources into one space. There is already a vast library of videos from artists like John Legend, Hozier, Best Coast and Alt-J on the site, so start browsing.

Download the app on iTunes or Google Play.