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Discover rare live music performances with the new VuHaus app

There is nothing like watching a musical performance by your favorite artist in an intimate setting. Aside from a rare find like that, exclusive interviews and live streaming videos of concerts are features that music lovers seek. This is where the recently launched VuHaus app comes in.

Released today, May 13, VuHaus lets you explore playlists from local video channels. The app is curated by stations in Los Angeles, California, New York, New York, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Features you can enjoy include:

Live streaming performances and interviews
Local artist and music festival playlists
Artist details such as biographies and tour dates
New videos every month
Endless play based on what you like
Social sharing to Facebook and Twitter
Check out a preview of what you can experience with VuHaus. Click here if you are unable to view the video:

From Mark Abuzzahab, VuHaus program director:

Artists have made their studios the first stop when they are on tour or want to debut new music, and the result is the type of mesmerizing performances you’d never experience at a concert hall, music festival or on TV.

For something unique in a music app, VuHaus will help you explore new artists and enjoy those that interest you. The app is available for free on the App Store with no in-app purchases. VuHaus is available for both iPhone and iPad.