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'Live From The Fort' Partners With VuHaus To Help Local Bands Reach National Audience

VPR's popular online video series Live From The Fort has partnered with VuHaus, a digital video service that introduces emerging and established artists to new audiences around the world. Through their website and mobile app, VuHaus gathers videos and interviews from leading public radio stations across the U.S.

Launched in 2014, VuHuas was formed by five of public media's leading music discovery stations; WXPN, WFUV, KUT, KCRW, and KCPT. The website offers live performance videos from some of the country’s leading independent artists curated by its Public Media partners. It was launched as a non-profit service whose mission is to introduce emerging and established artists to new audiences. The group recently expanded its membership and VPR is one of the first stations to join up with VuHaus.

“Up to this point, VuHaus has been a 'soft launch,'” according to John Billingsley, the Producer for Live From The Fort. “With this partnership, VPR is getting in on the ground floor as they begin to actively promote the site. I believe this collaboration only increases VPR's reach, both in terms of geography and demographics.”

Live From The Fort act Carton, based in Windsor, Vt., was recently featured on VuHaus as “Local Artist of the Week.” Over half of VuHaus' audience is under the age of 35, 75% under the age of 45, and roughly 50% of the site's views are happening on a mobile device.

“We hope this collaboration is an added incentive to draw performing acts passing through our area to the VPR studios to stream nationally via VuHaus,” said Billingsley. "VuHaus will also offer VPR music fans live streams of performances from other member stations.”

This exciting collaboration provides a national platform for VPR's music performance videos. This will give artists performing on Live From the Fort and VPR invaluable exposure to music fans across the country. Inversely, VuHaus brings new music from across the country to VPR's website and listening community. Each day a new "Video of the Day" is featured at the bottom of the Live From the Fort page at

“Exploration is at the core of the human condition, and Live From the Fort gives us a wonderful platform to wander amongst the sea of emerging talent in our wonderful little state,” said Alex Crothers, co-owner of Higher Ground, a popular music venue in Burlington, Vt. “Live From the Fort, and the partnership with VuHaus, will hopefully give us a path toward greater discovery of all we have to offer.”

Take time to explore home-grown musical acts on Live From The Fort and Vuhaus, and sign up for the Live From The Fort newsletter to receive monthly updates on new releases.

Update for 5/27/16: NPR has partnered with VuHaus to feature daily videos from member stations. Read more about their new partnership here.