Press Clipping

The innovative public media music video platform VuHaus has partnered with NPR Music to curate daily music videos produced by member stations for NPR will now host VuHaus’ Song of the Day feature, which rolled out to public media stations in March.

Videos for the embeddable player are updated daily by VuHaus, featuring a new music video produced by one of its 10 partner stations.

VuHaus PD Mark Abuzzahab often selects videos featuring artists that “recently visited a station in connection with an upcoming or recent release, or the launch of a new tour,” said Erik Langner, president of VuHaus, as reported by Current. The feature is now a permanent fixture on NPR Music’s “Favorite Sessions” page.

Jennifer Ferro, president of founding VuHaus station KCRW Santa Monica, CA, says the alliance will allow the platform to “reach a much larger national audience together. We’re thrilled to have NPR as a partner. Public radio has music discovery at its core, and VuHaus is the perfect way to find new music and support artists.”

Stations can brand the feature as their own, utilizing social media to attract younger audiences to their websites. In addition to NPR Music, 35 public media stations are sharing the video feature on their websites. “Through this feature, stations are able to provide music discovery to their community on a daily basis, even if they aren’t producing this content on their own,” Langner said.