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VuHaus: Helping Emerging Musicians Get Heard

Many commercial radio stations have moved away from discovering local and emerging acts and have instead started to hold tight to the safety net of playing only the biggest stars. There are still stations that take risks and play local and emerging artists, of course — Torontonians can probably name a few — but this is a trend that has been happening for quite some time.

Where can listeners discover local and emerging artists on the airwaves? Public radio. And thanks to a new not-for-profit music video app and platform VuHaus, public radio stations can show their content collectively in one place. This helps boost musicians on the rise in their local scenes.

So far, the VuHaus network only includes American public stations: WFUV in New York City, KCRW in Los Angeles, WXPN in Philadelphia, KUTX in Austin, KTBG The Bridge in Kansas City, KEXP in Seattle, KXT in Dallas/Ft. Worth, opbmusic in Portland, Mountain Stage in West Virginia, KDHX in St. Louis, Vermont Public Radio, and WGBH in Boston. Perhaps it will expand into Canada eventually.

The collective ownership of VuHaus is beneficial to all. From Rock Paper Scissors:

“This collective ownership and non-profit status provides VuHaus and their stations the flexibility to allow artistic quality and relevance to dictate curation”.

Additionally, producers and programmers from each of the stations were consulted throughout the entire process of VuHaus’ creation. They wanted to make sure that the platform would serve both the users and the emerging artists in the best way possible.

Public radio has helped a great number of musicians over the decades, and it continues to help emerging artists and introduce these artists to listeners. With VuHaus, the network of partner stations continues to grow and they have been able to increase the amount of online content they can provide.

If you want to check out VuHaus a little more, here’s their website.